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Heiti 1 Lýsing
AT 112 Country Mouse Visits Town Mouse
AT 1137 The Ogre Blinded (Polyphemus)
AT 1178 The Devil Outriddled
AT 1334 The Local Moon
AT 1334* The Old Moon and the Stars
AT 1373A Wife Eats so Little
AT 1381 The Talkative Wife and the Discovered Treasure
AT 1407 The Miser
AT 1408 The Man who Does his Wife's Work
AT 1408A Old Man has Churn on his Back
AT 1411* The Raven Child
AT 1415 Lucky Hans
AT 1453**** Puella pedens
AT 1461 The Girl with the Ugly Name
AT 15 The Theft of Butter by Playing Godfather
AT 1525L* Theft Committed While Tale is Told
AT 1542 The Clever Boy
AT 1586A Fatal Killing of the Insect
AT 1640 The Brave Taylor
AT 1641 Doctor Know-All
AT 1653A Guarding the Door
AT 1681A Fool Prepares for the Wedding (Funeral)
AT 1691 Don't Eat too Greedily
AT 1691A Hungry Suitor Brings Food from Home
AT 1696 What Should I have Said?
AT 1730 The Entrapped Suitors
AT 1889E Descent from Sky on Rope of Sand
AT 1920 Contest in Lying
AT 1960M The Great Insect
AT 2010 Ehod mi yodea (One; Who Knows?)
AT 2019 Pif Paf Poltrie
AT 2020 Chain
AT 2034 The Mouse Regains its Tail
AT 2035* House that Jack Built
AT 2044 Pulling up the Turnip
AT 2200 Catch Tales
AT 2250 Unfinished Tales
AT 2271 Mock Stories for Children
AT 275A Hare and Tortoise Race
AT 300 The Dragon-Slayer
AT 301 The Three Stolen Princesses
AT 302B* The Red Bull
AT 306 The Danced-out Shoes
AT 308** Watching the Supposed Corpse
AT 311 Rescue by the Sister
AT 313 The Girl as Helper in the Hero's Flight
AT 313A The Girl as Helper
AT 313C The Forgotten Fiancée
AT 313G* Three Brothers Search for Stolen Cow
AT 314 The Youth Transformed to a Horse
AT 317A* Peasant Girl Seeks Prince
AT 326 The Youth Who Wanted to Learn What Fear Is
AT 327A The Children and the Ogre
AT 327C The Devil Carries the Hero Home in a Sack
AT 327D* The Hill-Woman and the Peasants
AT 328 The Boy Steals the Giant's Treasure
AT 329 Hiding from the Devil
AT 332 Godfather Death
AT 333 The Glutton
AT 366 The Man from the Gallows
AT 401 The Princess Transformed into Deer
AT 403 The Black and the White Bride
AT 404* Girl Transformed by Jealous Stepmother
AT 425 The Search for the Lost Husband
AT 425C Beauty and the Beast
AT 431 The House in the Wood
AT 443 Hermóður og Háðvör
AT 451 The Maiden Who Seeks her Brothers
AT 460A The Journey to God to Receive Reward
AT 461 Three Hairs from the Devil's Beard
AT 470 Friends in Life and Death
AT 480 The Spinning-Woman by the Spring
AT 500 The Name of the Helper
AT 501 The Three Old Women Helpers
AT 502 The Wild Man
AT 506 The Rescued Princess
AT 510 Cinderella and Cap o' Rushes
AT 510A Cinderella
AT 555 The Fisher and his Wife
AT 556*
AT 556A* The Good Stepmother
AT 556C* Stepmother and Giantess
AT 556D* The Crying Child
AT 556E* Kind and Unkind Brothers
AT 563 The Table, the Ass, and the Stick
AT 570 The Rabbit-herd
AT 571 All Stick Together
AT 650A Strong John
AT 653 The Four Skillful Brothers
AT 675 The Lazy Boy
AT 700 Tom Thumb
AT 705 Born from a Fish
AT 706 The Maiden Without Hands
AT 707 The Three Golden Sons
AT 709 Snow-White
AT 710 Our Lady's Child
AT 711 The Beautiful and the Ugly Twin
AT 750A The Wishes
AT 751A* A Man Invites God to his House
AT 817* Devil Leaves at Mention of God\'s Name
AT 850 The Birthmark of the Princess
AT 853A "No"
AT 870 The Princess Confined in the Mound
AT 870B* Princess Sews for False Bride
AT 873 The King Discovers his Unknown Son
AT 875 The Clever Peasant Girl
AT 883B The Punished Seducer
AT 887 Griselda
AT 888A* The Basket-maker
AT 889 The Faithful Servant
AT 890 A Pound of Flesh
AT 892 The Children of the King
AT 899F* Wicked Peasant Girl
AT 934E The Magic Ball of Thread
AT 950 Rhampsinitus
ATU 1049 The Heavy Axe
ATU 1061 Biting a Stone to Pieces
ATU 1063 Throwing a Club
ATU 1210 The Cow is Taken to the Roof to Graze
ATU 1294A* Child with Head Caught Jar
ATU 1331* Illiterates
ATU 1349* Miscellaneous Numskull Tales
ATU 1351B* Micellaneous Tales of Quarreling Couples
ATU 1360C Old Hildebrand
ATU 1407A "Everything!"
ATU 1430 The Man and His Wife Build Air Castles
ATU 1470 Bride Test
ATU 1510 The Matron of Ephesus
ATU 1525A Tasks for a Thief
ATU 1536A The Woman in the Chest
ATU 1537 The Corpse Killed Five Times
ATU 1572F* Turning the Shovel Backwards
ATU 1686 The Wedding Night
ATU 1686A Like Dogs
ATU 1691C* Permission Misunderstood
ATU 1785B The Needle in the Pulpit
ATU 1832* The Boy Answers the Clergyman
ATU 2010A The Twelve Days (Gifts) of Christmas
ATU 2010IA The Animals with Peculiar Names
ATU 2028 The Devouring Animal That was Cut Open
ATU 2032 The Healing of the Injured Animal
ATU 2042 Chain of Accidents
ATU 2042A* Trial among the Animals
ATU 236* Imitation of Bird Sounds
ATU 307 The Princess in the Coffin
ATU 577 The King's Tasks
ATU 750K* The Lost Genitalia
ATU 812 The Devil´s Riddle
ATU 852 Lying Contest
ATU 901 Taming of the Shrew
ATU 926 Judgment of Solomon
ITT 1373* Man and His Wife Eat Secretly
MI A966 Mountains and Hills from Stones Thrown by Giant at Church
MI B147.1.1.3 Raven as bird of ill-omen
MI B452 Helpful Raven
MI B60 Mythical Fish
MI C510 Tabu: Touching Tree (Plant)
MI C523 Tabu: Digging
MI C941 Particular Disease Caused by Breaking Tabu
MI C943 Loss of Sight for Breaking Tabu
MI D1427.1 Pied Piper of Hamelin
MI D1700 Magic Powers
MI D1711 Magicians
MI D1715 Magic Powers of dying Man's Words
MI D1719 Possession of magical powers
MI D1812 Magic power of prophecy
MI D1812.3.3 Future Revealed in Dream
MI D1821.4 Magic Sight by Putting Ointment into Eye
MI D1825.1 Second Sight
MI D800 Magic Object
MI E235 Return from Dead to Punish Indignities to a Corpse or Ghost
MI E261 Wandering Ghost Makes Attack
MI E265 Meeting Ghost Causes Sickness (Madness)
MI E272 Road-ghosts
MI E280 Ghosts haunt buildings
MI E410 The Unquiet Grave
MI E412.2 Unbabtized Person Cannot Rest in Peace
MI E414 Drowned Person Cannot Rest in Peace
MI E421.1 Invisible Ghosts
MI E421.1.1 Ghost Visible to One Person Alone
MI E421.1.2 Ghost Visible to Horses Alone
MI E422 The Living Corpse
MI E422.1.1 Headless Revenant
MI E423 Revenant in Animal Form
MI E423.1 Revenant as Domestic Animal
MI E423.1.1 Revenant as Dog
MI E423.1.3 Revenant as Horse
MI E430 Defence Against Ghosts and the Dead
MI E467 Revenants Fight Each Other
MI E520 Animal Ghosts
MI E581 Dead Person Rides
MI E741.1.1 Shooting Star Signifies that Someone is Dying
MI F200 Fairies
MI F210 Fairyland
MI F221 House of Fairy
MI F241.2 Fairies' Cows
MI F242.2 Fairy Boat
MI F261 Fairies Dance
MI F262.1 Fairies Sing