Anna Mjöll Ólafsdóttir 07.01.1970-

<p>Anna Mjöll was born in Reykjavík, Iceland. She is the daughter of the guitarist, composer and arranger Ólafur Gaukur and the singer, model and radio program director/producer Svanhildur Jakobsdóttir. She was trained in piano, guitar and cello. She performed on Iceland television numerous times before her 1996 Eurovision appearance where she represented Iceland with the song "Sjúbídú", which she co-wrote with her father.</p> <p>Following her Eurovision appearance, she toured worldwide with the singer Julio Iglesias for three years. In 2006, she co-wrote and performed three songs with C.J. Vanston for the film For Your Consideration.</p> <p align="right">From a Wikipedia-article on Anna Mjöll.</p>

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