Arnbjörg María Danielsen 13.06.1980-

Born in Reykjavík, grew up in Norway and Iceland. Educated at the Reykjavík Junior College (MR, Department of Ancient Languages and Classics), the University of Perugia (Italian Literature and Art History), The Reykjavík College of Music, Mozarteum University, Salzburg, Austria (Master of Arts in Opera and Music Theatre), and gained the degree Executive Master of Arts Administration from the University of Zürich. Arnbjörg worked in Italy as a culture guide and coordinator. Arnbjörg gained significant performance experience as a soloist on the operatic and concert stage before shifting entirely to curatorial work and artistic production. Recent projects include curating the Operastorming symposiums in Stockholm (for the International Vadstena Academy, the Swedish Composer Association and the Swedish Writers Guild), development work for visual arts festivals in Germany and artistic direction and production for the South Denmark Philharmonic. Arnbjörg also works as a manager, advisor and producer in the field of contemporary music and theatre for several international organisations and institutions, amongst other for the Reykjavík Arts Festival and NOMEX (Nordic Music Export).

From the Far North website (May 18, 2015)


Mozarteum tónlistarháskólann í Salzburg Háskólanemi -
Háskólinn í Zurich Háskólanemi -2013
Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík Nemandi -
Tónlistarskólinn í Reykjavík Tónlistarnemandi -
Háskólinn í Perugia Háskólanemi -

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