Catharinus Elling (C. Elling) 13.09.1858-08.01.1942

<p>Catharinus Elling was a Norwegian music teacher, organist, folk music collector and composer. He studied piano and composition in Leipzig from 1877–78 and in Berlin from 1886–87. From 1896–1908, he was teacher at musikkonservatoriet i Oslo. He was also (1908–26) organist at Gamlebyen kirke.</p> <p>As a composer, he wrote symphonies, a violin concerto, chamber music, an opera, and more than 200 songs, most in the 1890-1905 period. His works are seldom performed now, but many musicians were influenced by him, such as Fartein Valen, who studied music under Elling...</p> <p align="right">From a Wikipedia-page on Catharinus Elling</p>

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