Bernhard Severin Ingemann (B. S. Ingemann) 28.05.1789-24.02.1862

<p>Bernhard Severin Ingemann was a Danish novelist and poet.</p> <p>Ingemann was born in Torkilstrup, on the island of Falster, Denmark. The son of a vicar, he was left fatherless in his youth. While a student at the University of Copenhagen he published his first collection of poems (1811; vol. ii., 1812), which show great influence of German romanticism. Critics describe their sickly sentimentality as reflecting the unhealthy condition of the poet's body and mind at this time. These works were followed by a long allegorical poem, De sorte Riddere (The Black Knights, 1814), which closed his first period...</p> <p align="right">Further information found at Ingemann's Wikipedia page.</p>

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