Elín Eyþórsdóttir (Elín Ey) 20.11.1990-

<p>Elin Ey, is a young Icelandic Singer/songwriter and guitarist from Iceland , she released her first album “See you in Dreamland” in 2008 and has since been diligent in concerts, either alone or working with other icelandic, european and american musicians. Recently Elin Ey has been performing her music in Europe and USA including London, Brighton, San Francisco and New York, Last summer she lived in New York and worked as a musician and played some gigs to great audience response. She is now working on a new album to be released this year.</p> <p align="right">Af Iceland Music Export (desember 2013).</p>

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Ekki skráð
Ekki skráð

Jón Hrólfur Sigurjónsson uppfærði 20.12.2013