Ferdinand Hérold (Louis Joseph Ferdinand Hérold, Louis Herold, L. J. F. Hérold, Herold) 28.01.1791-19.01.1833

<p>Louis Joseph Ferdinand Hérold, better known as Ferdinand Hérold, was a French operatic composer of Alsatian descent who also wrote many pieces for the piano, orchestra, and the ballet. He is best known today for the ballet La fille mal gardée and the overture to the opera Zampa.</p> <p>L.J.F. Hérold was born in Paris, the only child of François-Joseph Hérold, a pianist and composer, and Jeanne-Gabrielle Pascal. He was the grandson of Nicolas Hérold, an organist. At the age of six, he attended the Hix Institute and excelled in his studies. While there, he also took musical theory with François-Joseph Fétis (who later edited the periodical La Revue Musicale). At the age of seven, he played piano and composed some piano pieces...</p> <p align="right">Further information found at Hérold's Wikipedia page.</p>

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