Guttormur J. Guttormsson 21.10.1878-1966

Guttormur J. Guttormsson was born at Víðivellir by Icelandic River in New Iceland. He attended primary school for three years but was otherwise self-educated. He was a farmer who loved music and played in a brass band. He is often considered the second best Western-Icelandic poet, the first being Stephan G. Shephansson. Guttormur mainly composed poetry but also wrote a few plays. His first book of poetry, "Jón Austfirðingur og nokkur smákvæði", (Jón from the Eastern Fjords and a few poems), was published in 1909. Most of the book is a long narrrative poem about Jón from the Eastern Fjords, his journey to North America, difficulties he encountered and his fate. His next book, "Bóndadóttir" (Farmer's Daughter), was published in 1920 and contains a few of his best known poems, e.g. "Sandy Bar" and "Winnipeg Icelander". He then published Gaman og Alvara (Amusement and Seriousness) (1930), Hunangsflugur (Honey Bees) (1944) and Kanadaþistill (Canada Thistle) (1958). Guttormur was controversial and radical in his beliefs and yet playful and sarcastic. He readily composed poetry about Western-Icelanders' lives and the reality they faced. He also tended to describe the down-to-earth reality of his immediate surroundings, depicted in an unexpected, often symbolist context.

The Icelandic Emigration (RÚV).


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1955 SÁM 87/1023 EF Samtal um búskap; sambúð Úkraínumanna og Íslendinga Guttormur J. Guttormsson 35697
1955 SÁM 87/1023 EF Góða nótt: Dúnalogn er allra átta Guttormur J. Guttormsson 35698

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