Ignaz Pleyel (Ignace Joseph Pleyel, Pleyl) 18.06.1757-14.11.1831

<p>Ignace Joseph Pleyel was an Austrian-born French composer and piano builder of the Classical period.</p> <p>He was born in Ruppersthal in Lower Austria, the son of a schoolmaster named Martin Pleyel. He was the 24th of 38 children in the family. While still young, he probably studied with Johann Baptist Vanhal, and from 1772 he became the pupil of Joseph Haydn in Eisenstadt. As with Beethoven, born 13 years later, Pleyel benefited in his study from the sponsorship of aristocracy, in this case Count Ladislaus Erdődy (1746–1786). Pleyel evidently had a close relationship with Haydn, who considered him to be a superb student...</p> <p align="right">Further information found at Pleyel's Wikipedia page.</p>

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