Philipp Fahrbach (Philipp Fahrbach der Ältere, Philipp Fahrbach Sr, Fahrbach) 25.10.1815-31.03.1885

<p>Philipp Fahrbach Sr. was born in Vienna and at the age of five he could already play the flute. He had three brothers who were also musical. He joined Johann Strauss Father's orchestra after the latter parted with Joseph Lanner in 1827 and stayed with him until 1835. He was already composing, and Haslinger was his publisher from 1828. In 1835 Farhbach started his own orchestra and wrote one of the most descriptive railway pieces ever written, the Locomotiv-Galop. By 1841 he disbanded his orchestra and became the bandmaster of Vienna’s Hoch-und Deutschmeister Regiment where he conducted concerts in the Volksgarten, alternating with the Strauss Orchestra...</p> <p align="right">Further information found at Fahrbach's Wikipedia page and at</p>

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