Oddur Már Rúnarsson (Oddur) 16.04.1976-

<p>Oddur Mar Runarsson has the energy and edge of an old-school rock front man with the quiet sensibility and heart of a poet. His musical skills are undoubted and his songwriting is unaffected and honest with a depth and sense of irony that is often missed in the musings of many contemporary singer-songwriters.</p> <p>After leaving Iceland at 17 Oddur found himself in England where, after a few years and several twists and turns in the road, he connected with producer Andy Barlow and singer-songwriter Lou Rhodes: better known as the electronic music duo Lamb. Barlow and Rhodes were at the core of the band however it subsequently expanded to include Oddur on guitar, bassist Jon Thorne and Danish drummer Nikolaj Bjerre. Oddur toured as the guitartist with Lamb for 4 years before his first solo EP ‘Early Daze’ was released on Infinate Bloom Records ...</p> <p align="right">Iceland Music Export (23. apríl 2014).</p>

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