Ferdinand Möhring 18.01.1816-01.05.1887

<p>Ferdinand Möhring attended the Gymnasium in Neuruppin. In 1830, he went to the trade school in Berlin for a builder apprenticeship which he prematurely broke off and entered the Institute of Sacred Music. In 1838, he composed a symphony, in B flat major, that was performed by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig. In 1840, he moved to Saarbrücken; there he was appointed to director of the male choir and organist of the Ludwig church. In 1842, he undertook a journey to Paris, where he met Frederic Chopin. In 1844, he was appointed royal music director. In 1845, he was appointed organist of the parish church and music teacher at the Neuruppiner Gymnasium. In 1857, he married Hedwig Schulz, the daughter of an artist. As of 1873, Möhring was a freelance artist. In 1876, he moved to Wiesbaden.</p> <p align="right">Music Library musicalion.com</p>

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