Ivar Hallström (Ivar Christian Hallström) 05.06.1826-11.04.1901

<p>Ivar Christian Hallström, born Stockholm, 5 June 1826, died in that city on 11 April 1901 was a Swedish composer, particularly of opera. After many years neglect, Hallström’s operas were revived, in Umeå in 1986 with Bergtagna, seen also in York in 1988, and Hertig Magnus at Vadstena in 1988 and 2000, also broadcast on Swedish television.</p> <p>Although he learnt the piano, Hallström was self-taught as a composer. He studied law in Uppsala and in 1853 was appointed librarian to Prince Oscar which assisted him in advancing his career as a composer...</p> <p align="right">Further information at Hallström's Wikipedia page.</p>

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