Carl Amand Mangold (Carl Ludwig Amand Mangold, Mangold) 08.10.1813-04.08.1889

<p>Carl Ludwig Amand Mangold was a German composer, violinist and conductor.</p> <p>Mangold was born in Darmstadt and received his initial musical education from his father. In 1831 he entered the orchestra of the ducal chapel at Darmstadt. A journey to London in 1834 acquainted him with the work of Handel. From 1835 he appeared in Darmstadt not only as a violinist, but also as a singer. Between 1836 and 1839 he studied at the Paris Conservatory and made the acquaintance of Berlioz, Chopin, Meyerbeer, Liszt, and Clara Wieck. After his return to Darmstadt in 1839 he became the director of the local "Musikverein", which in the course of the following years performed all of his major oratorio and cantata works...</p> <p align="right">Further information found at Mangold's Wikipedia page.</p>

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