Jón Jónsson (Jón Ragnar Jónsson) 30.10.1985-

<p>Jón Jónsson was born and raised in the small town of Hafnarfjordur, Iceland. All his life, he has been active musically, both in his local music school and in big productions in high school and college. After graduating from Boston University in 2009, where he regularly performed at local venues, Jón returned to Iceland and became a professional musician after releasing his first single in 2010.</p> <p>He is accompanied by good friend Kristján Bjarnason, who plays piano and keyboards and helps Jón arrange and record music in their studio, Hljodmuli, and together the two create an infectious sound reminiscent of Gavin Degraw, Jack Johnson and John Mayer — but with its own singular Icelandic sound ...</p> <p align="right">Sjá nánar á FaceBook síðu Jóns.</p>


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