Eugen Hildach 20.11.1849-27.07.1924

<p>Eugen Hildach was born in Wittenberge, but grew up with his grandparents in Berlin. After having studied the building trades, he turned to singing (barytone) and studied with the famous Frau Dreyschock in Berlin. In 1878 he married another singing student of hers, Anna Schubert (mezzosopran), and together they taught singing at the university of Dresden. Until 1904 they progressively sang more and more of liederabende an oratorios, so that they could live on touring alone for many years.</p> <p>They opened their own private singing school in Frankfurt 1904 and kept it until Hildach was appointed professor in Berlin 1909.</p> <p align="right">From a FaceBook-page on The Art Song Project</p>

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