Jacob Niclas Ahlström (Ahlström) 05.06.1805-14.05.1857

<p>Jacob Niclas Ahlström (5 June 1805 in Visby, Gotland – 14 May 1857 in Stockholm) was a Swedish Kapellmeister and composer.</p> <p>Beginning his studies at Uppsala University in 1824, Ahlström dropped out due to lack of money and joined a touring theatrical troupe. From 1832 to 1842, he served as a cathedral organist and music teacher in Västerås and then became a Court Kapellmeister and organist in Stockholm until his death. In 1845, he held a concert in Berlin, during which he played Swedish folk songs and dances.</p> <p>Ahlström composed two operas based on libretti by Frans Hedberg, incidental music a vocal symphony, chamber music, and lieder. Together with Per Conrad Boman, he published Svenska folksånger, folkdanser och folklekar, the best-known collection of Swedish folk songs which appeared during the 19th century...</p> <p align="right">From a Wikipedia-page on Jacob Niclas Ahlström</p>

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