Otto Malling (Otto Valdemar Malling) 01.06.1848-05.10.1915

Otto Valdemar Malling was a Danish composer, from 1900 the cathedral organist in Copenhagen and from 1889 professor, then from 1899 Director of the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen.

Otto Malling was born in Copenhagen. He became a pupil of Niels Wilhelm Gade and Johan Peter Emilius Hartmann; in his later career he mainly composed organ works and vocal music, but he also wrote a Fantasia for Violin and Orchestra (in F major, opus 20), an appealing Schumannesque piano trio (in A minor opus 36, 1889), and a Brahmsian piano concerto in C minor (opus 43, 1890), all of which are recorded and infrequently heard in concert...

Further information found at Malling's Wikipedia page.

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