Meïr Aron Goldschmidt 26.10.1819-15.08.1887

<p>Meïr Aron Goldschmidt was a Danish publisher, journalist and novelist with a Jewish background.</p> <p>He belonged to a strictly orthodox family but his meeting with classical Greek culture changed much of this attitude and made him hereafter trying to balance between Jewish and non-Jewish thoughts. Especially the Greek idea of Nemesis impressed him and imbued much of his later works.</p> <p>He graduated in 1836. In 1837 he founded Præstø Amts Tidende which in 1839 merged with Callundborg Ugeblad to become Sjællandsposten. He sold that in 1840 and in the same year founded the weekly political and satirical Corsaren ("The Corsair") where, under the cover of different editors, he criticised the king. As the real editor, he was sentenced to prison (6 times 4 days), a fine, and future censorship on June 7, 1843, in the Supreme Court. Corsaren remains an innovation of Danish journalism...</p> <p align="right">From a Wikipedia-page on Meïr Aron Goldschmidt</p>

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