Krummi Björgvinsson (Oddur Hrafn Stefán Björgvinsson) 29.08.1979-

Krummi Björgvinsson, artist and singer/songwriter has been a part of the music scene for long over a decade now. Giving us bands and projects such as the legendary alternative rock band MÍNUS, the country blues band ESJA which he does with the singer of Gus Gus Daníel Águst Haraldsson. Krummi also being an admirer of drone, noise and experimental music has a one man band band where is darkside is kept, recorded and performed under the name DÖPUR.

His latest adventure is the newly formed industrial new wave pop band LEGEND who released the critically acclaimed album Fearless worldwide. Krummi has collaborated with many great artist such as Gabríela Friðriksdóttir, Anton Newcombe of BRJM, M83 and many more. He has written a handful of movie scores, one to mention is the Icelandic black comedy Knowledgy. Now Krummi brings us his very personal music as a solo artist. The music can be described as ambient noise pop. His first single Broken Clock released in Feb 2012 is available for sale at

Krummi is signed to Möller Reocords leading the way for Icelandic electronic music. An album is due late this year. This will be an ambient album that consists of 80´s style synthwork and some trippy vocals.

Af vefnum IMX – Icealnd Music Export (19. mars 2014).


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