Lindy Vopnfjörð (Lindy Vopnfjord) 26.05.1972-

<p>Born into the Icelandic community in Manitoba, Lindy Vopnfjord got started early. His parents, folk singers themselves, got Lindy on stage singing before he could speak. Lindy's brand new album Young Waverer is set to impress. A soaring landscape of stream of consciousness to stories of love and loss in the climate of cold war eastern bloc. A folk explosion of timeless music full of warmth and precision. Striking the root, Vopnfjord exposes the truth and puts it into perspective with brazen accuracy. Bulgaria born producer/composer Todor Kobakov sharpens the pencil and draws a mark in the mind making one fall in love with the album time and time again. Mixed by Grammy Nominated mixer John O’Mahony at Electric Lady Studios in NYC.</p> <p>Since 2006, Lindy has also been the lead singer and co-songwriter for the indie rock band Major Maker. Major Maker took Canada by force in the summer of 2007 when two of their songs, ‘Rollercoaster’ and “Talk To You”, aired in national television commercials. The “Rollercoaster” single debuted at #57 on the Canadian Billboard Hot 100 Chart and # 2 on iTunes Canada Rock Chart, while the video was added to national video outlets Much Music, MuchMoreMusic and MTV Canada.</p> <p align="right">From Lindy's FaceBook-page (April 14, 2016)</p>

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