Rúnar Freyr Rúnarsson (Rúnar Eff) 31.07.1978-

Rúnar was born in Akureyri, Iceland on July 31st 1978. Early in his childhood a great deal of interest in music could be detected, especially if Elvis Presley or the rockers in Kiss were heard, and still today these musicians are one of Rúnar's favourite. Rúnar got his first guitar in 1989 when he was 12 years old. In 1994 he wrote his first original song, Crush, which was recorded later that year. Crush made it to the top 10 in Akureyri's local radio station, Frostrásin Fm 98.7. Eighteen months later he recorded another song, "Dynheimar 94", and that song was also frequently played on the radio. The last few years Rúnar has been busy performing in Pubs, cafe's, weddings, festivals and all sorts of gatherings. Also a lot of his time has been devoted to ice hockey, and he has played for the Icelandic national team for over 10 years. In the beginning of the year 2005 Rúnar decided to give music all he had, and started writing enough material for his first album, and in 2010 he quit playing icehockey after 20 years on the ice.

Af vef Rúnars.

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