Sigurros Cornelia Olafson 01.05.1896-07.04.1968

<p>Sigurros Cornelia Olafson was born May 1st 1896 at the Olafsson homestead in Thingvalla Township in the Eyford district, just east of the Thingvalla Lutheran Church. Her parents were Olafur Olafsson (1860-1926) and Fridrika Steinunn Fridriksdottir Moller (1854-1923).</p> <p>Cornelia married Arthur Sprigman (1900-1989) February 15th 1935 in Mountain, North Dacota. They had one son, Frederick Arthur Sprigman, born in New York November 17th 1935.</p> <p>Cornelia ded in New York on April 7th 1968, age 71.</p> <blockquote>Many people in the community comment on the talent and beauty of Cornelia. She was very popular and played the piano for local dances, weddings, funerals, church services, etc. She could play any type of music and went easily from classical to jazz. She went from town to town teaching piano lessons. She owned a Model A Coup which she drove to her various musical adventures.<br /> <br /> During the depression, Cornelia started a band called, "The Rhythm Kids." This band in later years was called the "Stony Herman Band". It included about 8 young people including Freddy Olafson (Dori Olafson's son and Olafur Olafsson's grandson) who played the saxophone. They traveled from town to town playing for dances. They each were paid $5 per night.<br /> <br /> Cornelia Olafson attended Macphail School of Music in Minneapolis. She taught piano and owned the grand piano (Circa 1920) that still remains in Curtis Olafson's home. She met Arthur as he was working his way, on farms, during the depression. Cornelia and Arthur married in North Dacota and then settled in New York.<br /> <br /> Cornelia and her young son, Fred, came back to North Dacota for a visit early in 1937. Cornelia became very ill and was stricken with tuberculosis. She was admitted to the Tuberculosis Sanitarium in Dunseith, ND for over one year. Fred stayed with Dori and Disa Olafson during this time. After a year of being in the sanitarium, Cornelia left against the orders of her doctors. She stayed in a room in Grand Forks with Fred for several months before they returned to New York.</blockquote> <p align="right">Lovisa Gudlaug (Jonasson) Olafson.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <blockquote>Services were held Saturday at Eyford Lutheran church in the Mountain parish for Mrs. Arthur Sprigman, 71, New Hyde Park, NY. The Rev. Harold Manson officiated. Pallbearers were Fred, Kenneth, Dean, Robert, Roger, and Curtis Olafson. Jensen Funeral Home, Edinburg, was in charge. Mrs. Sprigman, the former Cornelia Olafson, died April 7 in a New York hospital. Daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Olafur Olafson, she was born May 1, 1896 near Mountain and attended area schools. She was a graduate of Macphail School of Music, Minneapolis, and for many years was a church organist and taught music in area communities. She was married to Arthur Sprigman at her home in Eyford Feb. 15, 1935. After her marriage, she taught music at the Julliard Music College, New York. They had resided in New York since their marriage. Mrs. Sprigman is survived by her husband; a son, Fred; a grandson, Christopher John, all of New York; two brothers, S.J. Olafson, Gardar, and Valdi Olafson, Edinburg. Her parents and seven brothers and sisters preceded her in death.</blockquote> <p align="right">Article from the Cavalier Chronicle.</p> <p>Informations provided by Sunna Olafson Furstenau.</p>


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