Adolf Jensen (Adolph Jensen) 12.01.1837-23.01.1879

<p>Adolf Jensen was a German pianist, composer and music teacher, and was the brother of Gustav Jensen (1843–1895) who was a violinist and composer. His family were musicians. He mostly taught himself music but he got help from Louis Ehlert, Louis Köhler and Friedrich Marpurg. In 1856 he went to Russia to teach. He wanted to make money so he could take lessons with Robert Schumann but Schumann died. In 1857 he was the music director of the Posen City Theater. From 1858 until 1860 he lived in Copenhagen and he made friends with Niels Gade. Then he went back to Königsberg and composed a lot of his music then. He went to Berlin and taught advanced piano at Carl Tausig's "Schule des höherin Clavierspiels" from 1866 until 1868. Then he got very sick and had to retire. He went to Dresden, and then to Graz in 1870 and then to Baden-Baden. He died there of tuberculosis in 1879 when he was 42...</p> <p align="right">From a Wikipedia-page on Adolf Jensen</p>

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