Þorvaldur Gröndal 21.07.1972-

<p>Þorvaldur is a self-educated musician who, since 1987, has circulated the local music scene quite a bit. Being a founding member, and the drummer, for the bands The Beef Jerky Quartet, Trabant and The Funerals, he also joined bands like UNUN, Apparat Organ Quartet and Gímaldin, plus many other jobs. Then he played the bass for two bands; Motion Boys and Kanada. Following these assignments, there have been various releases (CD's, Vinyl + cassettes) and touring around. Along these jobs, Þorvaldur has also been a project manager for the music event, Battle of The Bands, for some years and done some work as assistant sound engineer, stage manager, etc. His most recent work has been with Ragnar Kjartansson's All Star Band, with whom he plays the drums. It’s a gentle mix of art, country and Margaritas.</p> <p align="right">From tectonicsfestival.com (June 4, 2015)</p>


Hópur 1 Stöður Frá Til
Apparat Organ Quartet Trommuleikari 2001

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