FUNI is an old Icelandic word meaning fire. It was also the name of one of Bára's Grandfather's favourite horses. Her Grandma, Pjeturina wrote a poem about it, which we in turn made into a song. We sing and play Icelandic and English folk music. We have both been singing all of our lives and we started working together in 2001, breathing new life into great songs that have been hidden for too long in old recordings and dusty old books.

Iceland has a unique and wonderful folk song heritage, but sadly, it has remained largely hidden from today’s folk, and wider music audiences, both at home and abroad. So we are bringing it into the light for people to enjoy...

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Nafn Staða Frá Til
Bára Grímsdóttir Söngkona, Hljóðfæraleikari og Lagahöfundur 2001
Chris Foster Söngvari, Hljóðfæraleikari og Lagahöfundur 2001

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