National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain Lúðrasveit

The NYBB [Lúðrasveit æskunnar í Bretland] was founded in 1952 by Dr Denis Wright, OBE. The band exists to provide opportunities for young people to play brass band music to the highest standards, and is aimed not only at helping their playing, but also improving their musicianship and widening their musical horizons. Residential courses, lasting for one week, are held twice a year. These take place at Easter and in August at various centres throughout the country. Under the direction of a team of instrumental tutors and the Artistic Director or Guest Conductor, the players have intensive sectional and full band rehearsals daily. The music studied is carefully chosen, students often being introduced to works they would not normally meet. In recent years the band has commissioned many new compositions from leading composers, often with funding support from the Arts Council of England. A significant development to have taken place recently is the introduction of a composer's workshop where students can study composition with a leading composer...

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Róbert Darling

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