XIII Rokksveit og Metal

<p>13 / Thirteen...</p> <p>Hallur Ingólfsson - söngur, gítar; Eiríkur Sigurðsson - guitar; Jón Thorvaldsson - bassi, Birgir Jónsson - trommur...</p> <p>XIII (13) was founded in 1993 by Hallur Ingólfsson. XIII released “SALT”, its first record, in 1994, the music was dark and heavy and had an immediate place in the international rock scene. The record was then released to great critical acclaim in Europe. In 1995 XIII released its second album called “Serpentyne”. The music was slightly more refined and than on the debut album but still quite dark and demanding. Serpentyne was released in Europe in 1996 and the band enjoyed good press coverage and good reviews. In 1997 the band went on a 15 date tour around Germany to support the album, the tour was successful and the German rock critics were extremely impressed, calling the band ” the best kept secret in Rock”! Following the tour the band went on hiatus and was not active until 2002 when it released it’s third album called “Magnifico Nova”. Again the album received favourable reviews and the album was very successful in the European market.</p> <p>In 2009 the band resumed work and has since been very active on the rock scene in Iceland. On the 13th of September 2010 XIII’s latest album, Black Box, was launched. Black Box is a double album including a collection of XIII’s best songs of the first three albums together with 6 brand new songs as well as a remake of the XIII classic Wishbone from Magnifico Nova. At the same time XIII’s complete back catalogue was remastered and rereleased in digital format. In addition to this the band is hard at work playing live and working on writing material for its next album.</p> <p align="right">From the bands FaceBook-page (April 13, 2016)</p>


Nafn Staða Frá Til
Birgir Jónsson Trommuleikari 1993
Eiríkur Sigurðsson Gítarleikari
Hallur Ingólfsson Söngvari og Gítarleikari 1993
Jón Ingi Þorvaldsson Bassaleikari


XIII 1997 Mynd/jpg
XIII 2014 Mynd/jpg

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