Hjálmar Reggaesveit

Even though you may not be the biggest reggae fan in the world, hjálmar could positively surprise you. Not your typical reggae band by far Hjálmar is from Iceland and mixes old-school reggae with folk music. The band's authentic sound, sincerity and respect for the music and audience as well have made hjálmar one of Iceland's most cherished bands with an appeal to a wide group of audience. The band's live performances are extremely tight, energetic, and colorful and at the same time relaxed.

When the band started playing in the summer of 2004 it quickly made a big impact on the Icelandic music scene and soon it overfilled every show and venue in Reykjavik. Its first album named Hljóðlega af stað (e. A Quite Take-Off) was released in September 2004 and got astounding reviews. It sold extremely well and was more than 35 weeks on the list for the best selling albums in Iceland. Critics cherished the album and chanted the new musical path no one in Iceland had dared to go before...

From the bands Web-site (June 28, 2016)


Nafn Staða Frá Til
Davíð Þór Jónsson Hljómborðsleikari
Guðmundur Kristinn Jónsson Gítarleikari 2004
Helgi Svavar Helgason Trommuleikari 2004
Sigurður Guðmundsson Hljómborðsleikari 2004
Valdimar Kolbeinn Sigurjónsson Bassaleikari 2004
Þorsteinn Einarsson Söngvari og Gítarleikari 2004

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