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<p>Boogie Trouble was founded in late 2011. Originally a five-some, with Ingibjörg Elsa Turchi (former member of Rökkurró, and current member of Babies) on bass, Jóhann Vignir Vilbergsson (of Kiriyama Family) on keyboard, vocalist Klara Arnalds (sister to Ólöf Arnalds and cousin of Ólafur Arnalds), Sigurður Tómas Guðmundsson (formerly of Sprengjuhöllin) on drums and Sindri Freyr Steinsson (of Bárujárn) on guitar and vocals. The band has maintained most of its original members, with a couple of happy additions, with percussionist Kristinn Roach (founding member of Útidúr) joining the band and in early 2013 Helga Ragnarsdóttir (of Rökkurró) replaced Jóhann Vignir as a keyboardist and backing vocalist.</p> <p>The music of Boogie Trouble is heavily influenced by '70s and '80s music, seeking inspiration from various bands of the 70's disco era (Earth, Wind &amp; Fire, A Taste of Honey, La Bionda), with a hint of soul and funk influences, and combining them with a rich Icelandic songwriting tradition. The band performs a repertoire of mostly original songs with original lyrics in Icelandic, alongside a few carefully selected covers.</p> <p>The band spent a good part of the summer 2013 touring and ended their summer in Sundlaugin recording studio, where they recorded their debut album in a live setting over the course of four days. The album is due for release in late 2013/early 2014. Meanwhile Boogie Trouble is on a temporary hiatus while some of its members are studying overseas. They will none the less play several off- and on-venue shows at Iceland Airwaves 2013 and a tour to follow the album release is to be announced.</p> <p align="right">Af vef <a href="">Iceland Music Export</a> 8. desemeber 2014.</p>


Nafn Staða Frá Til
Helga Ragnarsdóttir Söngvari og Hljómborðsleikari 2011
Ingibjörg Elsa Turchi Bassaleikari
Jóhann Vignir Vilbergsson Hljómborðsleikari 2011 2013
Klara Arnalds Söngkona 2011
Kristinn Roach Gunnarsson Slagverksleikari 2011
Sigurður Tómas Guðmundsson Trommuleikari 2011
Sindri Freyr Steinsson Söngvari og Gítarleikari 2011

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